Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm such a slacker!

I've done so many cool things since my last post but I never got around to posting them until now.
We have done alot more camping and I have lots of pics to share. In this post I can tell you about something that really depresses me. All of the lovely shots you'll see here will be cut off to the public in the next year or so. It seems that the environmentalists don't think anyone should have places to go camping that aren't 'camp grounds' with tons of other people around and where you have to leash your dog and listen to others party all night long. Yuck, not my idea of a good time. This area WAS due to be bouldered in so no one could ever enjoy it again, over Labor Day. Which I think is pretty sneaky of them. You come back next spring planning on your favorite spot and it's blocked off. As you can see from the picture of the road, this isn't a spot for families in their station wagons, this is definately off-road 4-wheeling and the road looks like that in many spots back to the campsites and the dry creek. Maybe instead of shutting it off they could spend a bit of money on filling in the ruts...LOL.
While we were camping way back on said rutted road, far away from people, with happy dogs who could run free.... we went for a hike and found this Dry River bed. It was really wierd, the air around it was noticeably cooler and it was like you could still feel or hear the water although there was none. Its impossible to explain the feeling you have while you're walking on the smooth river stones. We found so many beautiful rocks that we would never have had access to if it wasn't dry.
I was facinated by the huge chunk of lava rock that was worn smooth, they were all shapes and sizes.

This was a nice easy hike and that particular day we had my sweeties Mother, Sister and nephew with us. It was heavy going as we departed because we had all found rocks that we just couldn't part with.


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