Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rainy Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Great company, awesome food and unbelievable scenery...................

Seldom and I spent the weekend with Grantbo and Marybo and had a great time despite constant rain. We were able to be out of the rain most of the time as Seldom was absolutely BRILLIANT in putting up a tarp so that we could enjoy the campfire and stay dry.

As you can see we were pretty well prepared for the rain and we did have our tent under the tarp as well, so we stayed dry while sleeping as well. Grantbo and Marybo woke up wet the second morning. :( They tarped their tent and were great after that.

One of the best things over the weekend was the FOOD!!!! Grantbo really outdid himself with his ribs on Saturday night. They were better then what I've had at fancy restaurants. His special trick was using apple wood to smoke the ribs as he slow cooked them over the campfire.
My mouth waters just typing this, they were that good!
A great pic of Grantbo our Commando Camp Chef!!!
After all that rain, on sunday things cleared up for a gorgeous day so we took a nice hike to Falls Creek Waterfall.... I took a few pics along the way.

As pretty as this picture is, it just doesn't do the waterfall justice. While standing there the sounds, the SMELL and the feeling of the area..........just beyond words.

This pic is a bit further back to give a better perspective of how big it really is. (about 250ft)
The guys got tired of our slower pace so they kinda went ahead as we were getting close so Marybo and I walked at a relaxed pace. Here's a quick shot of Marybo walking over a small creek on the trail.

We learned lots on this trip as always....
Rainy camping with small lap dogs means your pants are going to get filthy. (But they are such great little warmers you don't really mind that much)


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